About Us

EL CHICO is a landmark institution of Allahabad. It is an icon of the city, for its superlative, food, confectionery and service, not only nationally, but also internationally.

Besides its local clientele, EL chico is a "must-visit" destination for visitors from near and far. It has built up an impeccable reputation, which far outreaches any competition.

Established as a small and cozy Espresso Coffee outlet with an attached Bakery cum Confectionery, Elchico has since 1964, served the citizens of Allahabad by providing the finest, cleanest and freshest food.

With the passage of time Elchico has graduated into a multi cusine Restaurant, a fine Bakery cum Confectionery shop, an attached Conference Hall and as a reputed outdoor caterer. Elchico has always promised its customers that it is "THE RESTAURANTS THAT CARES FOR YOU".

To that end the owners have worked tirelessly and have set standards of service and quality which have been recognised by UPHRA in its Golden Jubilee year 2005, by presenting its most prestigious award for the BEST RESTAURANTS in Uttar Pradesh to Elchico, Allahabad.

Detailed profile :

Fundamental Principal of Business :

Management strongly believes that "HE PROFITS MOST WHO SERVES BEST". To that end, every care is taken to serve only the finest, cleanest and freshest food to all our customers, Elchico has always stood for quality and our cooking staff, serving staff and suppliers have to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and food care. There is strict checking of food items at each stage of manufacture and storage. The result is that a standard of service is maintained that can easily be described as excellent. By foliowing the above we have ensured a steady and faithful customer base, whom we prefer to call our Guest.

Founder of Business :

Late Mr. Ganpat Roy and his eldest son Late Mr. Ganesh Roy.

Starting Year of Business :

Confectionery and Bakery started on 06.11.1963.

Restaurants known as El Chico Espresso Snack Bar with food service started on 09.02.1964. Cusines added from time to time as the market demanded.

Man of Inspiration :

Our founder Mr. Ganpat Roy.

Future Development Programme :

Expansion of Bakery and Confectionery, Establishment of a food court and opening of our own place for catering to functions.

Any other Specific group activity :

The group is considering entering the hotel business.

El Chico Is a family run restaurant business, although over the years its constitution has changed. Mr. Ganpat Roy was sole proprietor of El Chico Espresso Snack Bar. After his demise in 1991 his wife Smt. Sheela Devi became sole proprietor. When Smt. Sheela Devi died in 2002 her sons Ganesh, Ramesh, Naresh & Rakesh formed a partnership and ran this business.

El Chico Espresso Snack Bar became El Chico Espresso Snack Bar Pvt Ltd in and finally

El Chico Hotels & Restaurants Pvt Ltd since 01.24.2007. The family still remains in firm control of the business, probably that is the reason of its success.