Celebrating Vegetarianism

You spoke we listened. The heavenly waft of food that lingered on the streets of Prayagraj is back with a green twist! El Chico reimagines the wonders of vegetarian fare with their brand new concept, Veggie Veg.

Veggie Veg, a Quick Service Casual restaurant, gives out the essence of vegetarianism. When each ingredient that is incorporated in a dish is taken care of with love, that’s when you know that you’re in a Foodies Paradise!

We have taken the most authentic recipes and curated a diverse and delectable menu of popular Indian, Chinese, South Indian favourites, Continental, and popular Street Food like Chaat, will make for a culinary and delicious dining experience, making you want to nibble some more.

Introducing refreshing beverages and summer coolers with an assortment of desserts, this is indeed a special place best relished with the entire family. Together,Veggie Veg gives a tremendous urge to eat it all and tantalize your tastebuds to the fullest.

The Roy family cordially invites your family to visit us at Veggie Veg and we’ll be honoured to serve you! See you at Veggie Veg, and together,